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LiveRoof Component - Soil

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It is no secret that the best gardens are only realized when a high quality soil is paired with proper plant selection. Most growing media in green roofs are 80-90 percent inorganic material, so they do not decompose or settle very much. LiveRoof Texas Engineered Green Roof Soil™sets the industry standard.

LiveRoof Texas Engineered Green Roof Soil is designed to be sustainable, used in conjunction with the LiveRoof module and is considered to be the most reliable green roof soil on the market. LiveRoof Texas Engineered Green Roof Soil™, a proprietary blend of the nest inorganic and organic materials, is formulated under strictly controlled standards.


LiveRoof Texas Engineered Green Roof Soil™ is designed to:

  • Be approximately 94+% inorganic by dry weight, as is the case with ecologically stable, sustainable, mature green roofs.
  • Conform to German FLL granulometric standards.
  • Filter rainwater and buffer acid rain.
  • Effectively grow LiveRoof Texas plants.

LiveRoof Texas Engineered Green Roof Soil™ weighs approximately 40-50 lbs./sq. ft. fully saturated at 6" depth when fully vegetated with LiveRoof Texas plants.

Peat-based soil with compost and perlite will decompose and wash away during rains and blow away when it is dry and windy. The volume of material in that kind of mix will shrink, and a year after installation, the green roof will look long gone.
— David Scott (LiveRoof Texas Grower)