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Benefits of a Green roof

With its unique patent pending Soil Elevators and Moisture Portals, the LiveRoof® system gives you the monolithic look and function of a mature conventional plant-in-place green roof system, with the turn-key benefits of a modular system. LiveRoof is an integrated system designed by growers in conjunction with experts in the field of architecture, roofing, logistics, and ergonomics.

It is designed to grow green roof plants! Composed of recycled plastic materials, LiveRoof is based upon sound horticulture principles. It is earth-friendly, as well as rooftop functional and aesthetically pleasing. Compared to site-built green roofs, which are time-consuming and costly to install and maintain, LiveRoof offers a turn-key alternative that doesn't require you to be a horticulturist. And if there is ever any need to make changes to the roof, LiveRoof modules are easily moved aside and replaced after the work is done.